Monday, February 6, 2012

Translating Documents

As we research our ancestors, often it becomes necessary to transalate a document. Unless one happens to be fluent in that particular language, it is helpful to know there are many tools online to aid in this endeavor.

From simple one word translations to whole websites, Google's translation tools are extremely helpful. Many of the websites I need to visit are in French and so I take advantage of the whole site being translated which is usually just a click on the resulting screen.

Notice the words "Translate this page", this allows me to view this page in my language. There is another area in their translation section where you can easily enter a word, a phrase or a whole URL and go forward with the translation. This are is located on the Google Translate page.

While the actual translation is not perfect, it will allow you to understand the records you are looking at. There are other genealogically translation aids available on the FamilySearch Research Wiki depending on the language. In this case we are discussing 'French' and so simply typing in "French Word Guide" into the search box the resulting Wiki Page Results of "France Language and Languages" can easily guide me to the words used in connection with genealogical documents.

This combination of resources can aid most individuals with translating a genealogical document when one is not familiar with that language.

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