Thursday, February 16, 2012

Checking All the Indexes...

Ever wonder who so many different websites offer the same set of records to its' users?

The US censuses is available online on the following websites:

The UK censuses is available online on the following census:
There are other sites that also have these censuses available and each one is valuable to those who are researching their ancestors. Various Family History Societies have taken the time to transcribe these records long before they were put online. They were made available in book, CD or even microfiche format.

If one can't locate their ancestor in a specific census index, it is worthwhile looking at that same census index on another webiste because indexing was done by a different set of indiviudals and sometimes additional fields or different fields were indexed!

When one is looking for that elusive ancestor it is important to check every possible location as names, places, ages and relationships are often transcribed in error in one index and correct in another!

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  1. Don't forget they all have different search routines as well! Some are very rigid, where you have to get the spelling just right or you get zero results, some are so fuzzy that you get too many hits!