Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Communicating with Video

With the large variety of ways to communicate these days, by far the most enjoyable is Video. It is nice to keep in touch with chat, instant messaging, Twitter and even Facebook, but to visit with family and friends who are too far to visit often, video is the best.

The internet has made this possible with the aid of a WebCam on your PC and/or Mac. One can even have a video conversation on a smart phone! This also is a great way for multiple generations to keep in touch as time passes so quickly.

Some of the free programs that allow this great opportunity are:

Skype (on PC/Mac/Smart Phones)
Google Talk (Gmail, iGoogle, & orkut)
Hangouts (Google +)
FaceTime (Apple)
FriendCameo (Facebook)
Tango Voice & Video (on PC/Mac/Smart Phones)

I am sure there are other applications and free programs and would appreciate any additional comments or links for those following and wishing to connect visually with family and friends.

Distance has a way of melting away as one talks to relations in other countries and thousands of miles away!

These applications make this possible and also allow for discussion on Family History, Genealogy and everyday situations and a freely available as well as conducting those oral interviews with older family members when one is unable to physically visit.

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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