Friday, February 3, 2012

Google Maps and Geotagging

Using Google maps to build your ancestral neighborhood is becoming a reality with the various new tools available when working with Google maps.

As genealogists and family historians trace their families through census records into various locations, the thought often comes to mind of where were they living and what does it look like today?

Sometimes newspapers are able to also provide additional details to what was going on in the news of the day and time being researched. Filling in their story often becomes a passion and accessing these new tools can add a new dimension to one’s research.

Google Maps allows researchers to highlight specific location with pins, notes and pictures as well as creating a timeline. Learn migration patterns and see if any buildings are still around today from when your family lived there.

Heather Kramer has written a great article on this with step by step instructions entitled "Ancestral Archeology: Using Google Maps To Recreate Your Ancestor’s Neighborhood."

Using Google Maps and Geotaging can add a new dimension to one’s research!

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