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Need Ancestral Research Help?

Regardless of the level one is at in their ancestral research, there often comes a time when additional resources are needed to solve a problem, locate a strategy, analyze a document or just determine the next step.

In today's world there are many possibilities and ways to solve this situation from working together with another researcher one on one, checking out a new online class in the research area, attend a genealogical or family history conference or take advantage of some online resources. Let's review each one and where to locate them.

Working one to one is by far the best choice and this kind of help can be set up in an "Ask the Experts" table at a conference or check with your public library to see if there is someone that specializes in Family History. Another possibility is to call someone known that works in this field and conduct the Q & A over the phone once a way to get the pertinent information to the expert.

In an earlier blog entitled "Convenient Online Classes" I discussed a small number of places to locate an online class like,, and many others. For instance, on YouTube one can watch a class on "How to organize my genealogy", "Google for Genealogy Update: It's All Related" or on FamilySearch a class on "Genealogy Bootcamp", "Evaluating and Solving Research Problems" or "Research Planning".

Conferences can be found in many different locations online, just enter the name of an organization and locate when they have a conference, additionally, most Family History Centers either have conferences and/or can also provide that one on one help.
The last way I'd like to share on how to find additional assistance is through the FamilySearch Forums or other forums provided by or The FamilySearch forums provide a lot of assistance to all who send their queries in.

All areas of the world are covered here and broken up by regions of the world. In this forum as well as a variety of subjects like 'using technology', ''latin translation' and many other subjects.

The latest place to find assistance is with the commuity through the large number of FamilySearch Research Communities located on Facebook. Here is what the Facebook English Genealogical Research Community page looks like.

One can find a full list of the current Facebook Research Community pages is listed in the FamilySearch Research Wiki:

Be sure to check the list to see if your area of research has a research community in the FamilySearch Wiki.

Take advantage of all these resources and perhaps solave or break through a brick wall.

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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