Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Research Calendars / Research Logs

When doing research for an ancestor, it becomes necessary to write down the various record sources one had looked at to save time and develop strategies.

Often there are books, films, and websites to check out in the hunt for that elusive ancestor. Writing down the results of each step may lead to new discoveries and other records. Additionally, if one doesn't locate the relative in a specific record source, writing down the fact that that person was not found in that record source will hopefully prevent a look again in the future.

There are many different types of research calendars or logs and so one must decide which one is best for them. The FamilySearch Research Wiki has a great article on Research Logs as well as a great section on Research Forms. All these tools are there to aid in keeping your research organized and on track.

Each of these sites provide downloable forms to print and easily use as you record what you find and what you don't find, both are important pieces of information. The added value is a record of souce citations along with the ability to plan a strategy to locate an ancestor.

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