Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remote Connections

Traveling around the world in search of ones' ancestors often takes one away from their home computer. Many have opted for a laptop, a tablet or just use their smart phone. Each of these technological advances are great resources when out in the field.

Other times one could be at an archive, a library or even a relative's home and the need arises to obtain some information on a computer located elsewhere. There are a number of ways to handle this situation other than copying everything onto one's laptop and updating it daily as does various back up services like Mozy, Cabronite or Barracuda.

The access to one's computer from a remote location can be done also through GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, ShowMyPC and others. Each of these applications have a free version and a paid version except for GoToMyPC. Naturally the paid versions provide additional features.

GoToMyPC, TeamViewer and LogMeIn all have mobile appliations which can be a great resource when not near another PC or Mac.

Each of these applications have the ability to connect you to another resource whenever necessary as long as there is interenet access available and the receiving PC or Mac is on.

As new resources become available it will be easier and easier to access one's information from just about anywhere at anytime making research even more possible wherever you may be located!

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