Monday, February 20, 2012

Convenient Online Classes

Today's technology has brought with it many opportunities for individuals who are not able to attend a class to learn a new subject matter or brush up on their skills, to do so in the convenience of their home at a time that works with their schedule.

As genealogists and family history researchers struggle to learn the finite details of their trade, it often becomes necessary to seek additional help, however, that may not always be easy with their current schedule, one the following locations may just be an answer to their dilemma.

While there are many other course available, these are a few of what is available, some are free and others require payment. Depending on one's skill level and need will help to determine the best course for the need.

The '5 minute Genealogy Series' has taken off and provided a quick peek into the world of research and locating ancestors. Each short lesson takes 5 minutes to focus on just one aspect of research. There are currently 25 different episodes.

Some of these titles include "Find a Record in Five Minutes", "The Circle of Success", "Record What You Know", "Learn from Family", "Using Indexes to Find a Record", "Get Help with Locations", "Get Help In-Person" and many others.

No matter where you are researching one should be able to locate a class online currently or within a reasonable amount of time as new classes are being added all the time to a large variety of providers.

Locating help today is so much easier with all of these online classes available with a few mouse clicks!

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