Saturday, February 11, 2012

Family Tree Sites

In an earlier post I discussed how getting assistance from the community through FamilySearch Forums, Genealogical Research Communities on Facebook,, and Rootsweb is a way to get assistance with solving genealogical research problems.

Another way to see if others have done research on your lines is through Family Tree Sites. The one I've used the most is "GenesReunited" because of the UK lines I'm researching, however there are many others out there that are a great resource.

GenesReunited was originally a standalone site which began in 2003 as a sister-site to Friends Reunited. By the end of last year they had 2.2 million members. This can be attributed to the definite increase and interest in genealogy and family history worldwide. Once I uploaded a gedcom of just the English and Scottish ancestors, notices were sent to me on 'hot matches'. This has proved to be very helpful and I have been amazed at how many 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more cousins have already broken through some of my brickwalls and I've resolved some others. Their Facebook presence is here.

Another great similar site is WikiTree which is quickly becoming a very helpful site for over 30,000 members according to their website. I do like their nice clear welcoming screen (not to busy) and very inviting with information on how to get started and finding new family members and perhaps some new cousins. I've been able to find some relatives just by looking at the familie already in this database and will soon be adding my own data which is all the Canadian/French lines and making new connections for sure! Their Facebook prescence is here.

MyHeritage is another site which sends out email notices of possible matches and has an app for your handheld device which I find to be a nice addition. With all the travelling one does it is always good to have your genealogical information right at your fingertips. I have had multiple occasions when this had proven to be a great help as I meet new cousins along this journey of life. This site allows you to also add a gedcom. One disadvantage is that one has to remove their gedcom and reload a new one if one is updating unless this is the only software you are using. I still like to have my own database on my PC at this time. Their Facebook presence is here.

I'm sure there others out there so fill the comments with ones that others use to connect with families throughout the world and include their links! Collaboration is the way to go!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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  1. I also use Genes Reunited and have found the community there very helpful!

    I need to check out their Facebook page!

    Thank you for that info.