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Tidbits of the 1940s

During the 1940s, the types of jobs available were done by a lot of women as most men were called up to serve in the war. Jobs for men outside of the military were whatever they desired, however, women were either in the military or left to work in the coal mines, bomb factories, as bank tellers, aircraft mechanics, factory workers or typists.

Women fulfilled the need of jobs in the workplace while the men were away in the military. The world was dominated with World War II however, new ideas grew out of these times to help pull the United States out of the Great Depression. Rationing affected everthing, food, clothing, toys and everyones livelihood.

Radio played an important part as it provided news, music and all the entertainment available to those who lived during these times. There were children's stories, mystery hours, live radio and sports to help everyone get through each day.

Because of the war and what was going on in Europe, those who didn't agree with those in charge emigrated to the United States and created the perfect set of circumstances for new inventions and so many more advances that occured in those ten years. Many of these individuals who immigrated should be listed in the 1940 census.

So what is in the 1940 census records? This is the 16th census of the United States. There ae 34 columns of questions. Outside of the normal location, name, relationship, sex, age, marital status, education, place of birth, and citizenship, this census asks where an individuals was living on April 1, 1935, employment status if over 14 years old which includes type of work, number of weekly hours and salary.

I located a sample from the 1940Census.net website, hopefully you can see what it looks like in spite of the size in this blog. To view it better, go to the above website.

This is the first section:

1940 Census Form

This is the middle section:

1940 Census Form

This is the last section:

1940 Census Form

There were a number of individuals who took part in the supplementary questions which included more ancestral helpful information.

This census should help millions as they continue researching their families. Remember to volunteer your time to help index the 1940 US Census at https://the1940census.com/!

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