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Second Life - Real-Time Discussions in a Virtural Environment!

Whenever I've spoken of 'Second Life", the reaction is usually "I can hardly manage my first life, how could I possibly manage another one?"

Often I agree, it is difficult to find the time to explore all the new tools, gadgets and applications available with a few mouse clicks. I was first introduced to this new virtual world when working on my Masters' degree and have since spent a some time exploring and enjoying the possibilities. With a little bit of effort, one can create new worlds when reading a new book, day dreaming about better times or just having a good imagination. 

I had the opportunity to teach a class in "Just Genealogy" in Wollah. This location is described in DearMyrtle as a "castle that includes a fire pit with stadium seating for events."  The area around it includes Heritage Books marketplace stalls, a gazebo and a dance floor, a small 3-room cottage, the tent & accoutrements of a visiting knight along with a working swing in a garden area.

The whole blog which was done in 2008, provides a the history behind this location within Second Life and is located on her blog Dear Myrtle and definitely worth the read!

The area brings together individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing their research expertise with one another. Location doesn't matter, Internet connections allow for anyone to visit and share regardless of where they are located, this is one of the wonderful things about Second Life.

Serious study goes on at the fire pit where there is a screen to view uploaded pictures for slide presentations and individuals can ask questions just like any other class.

Additional photos of the area can be found on their Facebook page entitled "Genealogists in Second Life". It is a great way to meet new people and learn together. Classes are held Tuesday evenings at 6pm Second Life Time which is Pacific Standard Time.

Another location where genealogy is discussed is on Adam ondi Ahman Island on a Sunday evening outside the Family History Center at 6pm Second Life time. Again individuals from all around the world visit to share and discuss family history and genealogical problems. Here is what the area looks like.

It is also worthwhile to take a walk around both these areas to see the handiwork of all those who have spent hours of time building these locations so that many could come, learn and enjoy.

There are already many conventions being held in Second Life by other corporations around the world. Libraries from various locations throughout the world have established themselves here also and provide round the clock reference help for the world. Many individuals from around the world help out with the shifts.

Its' a slight learning curve but well worth with. Tomorrow night we start a British Research Series in the Just Genealogy area, be sure to check out the Facebook pages for the variety of genealogical events happening in Second Life.

Note that Second Life is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab.

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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