Monday, March 19, 2012

Reaching out Through DNA

When researching for ones' ancestors, individuals will use all possible methods to try and locate those ancestors. From early compiled geneaologies, microfilms of original records, to online databases in all possible types of known data available to make the hunt successful.

There are many new ways to link to other individuals today including the study of DNA. The history of DNA research is recorded in many different locations. A good history has been compiled by Oracle ThinkQuest is worth the read if one is interested in how this all came about.

Genealogy Suite 101 explains how Mitochrondrial DNA testing is used in Genealogy. Many organizations and companies have now joined in making these resources available to genealogists throughout the world with the end result being the ability to possilby locate distant family members or new areas where there are possible relatives.

After having my uncle participate in a DNA study, the results provided possible locations to look for ancestors that hadn't been our original plans. The testing was done by FamilyTree DNA and the following map was provided at the time:

Recently has teamed up with Family Tree DNA too provide these services in conjunction with their regular genealogical connections and websites.

Chooseing to do a DNA study can be a wise decision when it is necessary to reach out and locate new resources.

There are many companies that provide this research and each have their own costs. A simple word search in a search engine will provide you with the a large variety of choices.

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