Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Life Easier with RSS...

Years ago, before computers, research was something that took a long time to do regardless of the topic. Trips to the library, locating the correct books and finding exactly the right materials was always a challenge and yet somehow we perservered.

RSS feeds are a great way to save time and energy in locating timely information again regardless of the topic. The above icon is a familiar logo on many websites today. That application provides an opportunity to be notified when something 'new' has been posted to that website. One would only need to go to the site when that happens which can be a time saver. These feeds can come to a 'feed reader' which generates an email notice of the update to the website. There are many feed aggregators but the one most used is the 'Google Reader'.

Once you find a site you can easily add it to your Google Reader.

Another way to take advantage of RSS feeds is through an iGoogle page or pages. This allows you to add what you need and view it when you wish. To locate iGoogle go to and click on 'more' and scroll down to 'even more'. Once there locate iGoogle in the list of available applications and products and click to open. Being it would be a new page there are a few gadgets already there. In this clip you see an iGoogle page set up for Social Media. Note that the "Add Gadget" is in the upper left hand corner. Sometimes it is on the right, one just needs to check as they move it around!

Once you click the "Add Gadget" you can choose whatever subject you wish, in this case we stayed with the same topic of 'Social Media'.

Once you locate the feed you want, just click "add it now" and it will automatically go to the top left hand corner of the page where you can easily move it to a different place or keep it in the same place.

I have found checking these iGoogle pages daily keeps me up on what is going on in the choosen subject areas. Time is precious and hopefully using RSS feeds in your daily activities will provide an opportunity to save some time for other assigned projects or responsibilities!

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