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1940 US Census ~ A Community Project

The 1940 US Census will be released in just 21 days! So much happened during that time period and many of us have family members who are listed in this census, either our parents, grand parents or great grandparents. I recall one day working at the Family History Library and assisting an elderly individual to view herself listed as a child in the 1930 US Census. She just looked at all the names listed in the household with tears streaming down as she recalled all those who were no longer here and yet there she was just 8 years old!

My mom was born in 1927 and would be 13 years old and going to school everyday like many are doing today. She was the last of 9 children and had so much to look foward to as she pursued her life. Her oldest sister, Ozina married in June of 1940, while her other two older sisters and one brother were already married with children. Strange as it may seem, that means some of my first cousins will be in this census as young children!

It will be interesting to see where my Great Grandmother, Rose DeLima Limoges will be living. She was a wonderful person according to those I've interviewed in the past. She assisted in the delivery of most of her own grandchildren and was considered a healer and often in an emergency setting she would be sent for rather than a doctor.

My mother's mom, Lovina Theroux Marotte, didn't pass away till 1945 and her grandmother mother, Rose DeLima Limoges passed away in 1942 so both of them will be there. I never knew them in person but I will be able to see them listed in the 1940 Census along with their families. By 1945 my mother was finishing up with high school and entered nursing school at St. Joseph's hospital. Here she is soon after entering nursing school.

She graduated in 1948, but continued to work there for many years. She met my father in the hospital as he was a patient there.
She would travel from Pawtucket to work in Providence by bus as she didn't own a car or even have a drivers' license at this point in her life!

The freeway system known as Route 95 didn't exist at this time, in fact the best way to travel from Pawtucket to Providence was to follow Route 1 all the way which is what she did by bus!

This census will definitely shed some light on many individuals and perhaps solve some brick wall problems.

Join the community and help to index the 1940 census. To learn more about it, click this link and help make history by joining this national service project!

Thanks for all who are already signed up ... together we can do anything!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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