Wednesday, March 28, 2012

National Archives Prepares for the 1940 Census!

The National Archives is also preparing for the release of the 1940 Census on April 2nd at 9 am EST!

The image on the left of this blog is from their website and to add to the excitement they have a 3 minute film clip about the 1940 census preparations being handled by the National Archives for the last three years.

The film is spliced between scenes of those preparing the records and clips from that time period. They state there are 3.9 million images and all have been checked to make sure that each page had an enumeration district. They state that you can locate individuals if you have the enumeration district and provide a guide on how to locate that information.

Their site provides information on how to search this census with help on locating the enumeration district ones' family may be located. Some of the information they provide is as follows:
  • General Information
  • Questions about this census
  • Questions asked
  • Selected lists of codes
  • Finding aids: How to search the 1940 Census
  • Enumeration District Maps
  • Stephen P. Morse's Search Engines 
  • Videos (these are worth viewing)
  • Online articles
They have a countdown on their page which goes right down to the seconds and the link to their press release on February 21, 2012 provides some additional data.

Indexing this census will make searching it so much easier! To all who have volunteered and are ready to go, we who are researchers say thank you! Note that this is a joint venture between the following groups:

Along with the awesome community of individuals who will be assisting with this great work! Bloggers, communities, societies, everyone who helps is to be commended for their work!

We live in exciting times as we contemplate the reality that this is the first census to be released digitally! If you haven't signed up, please do at

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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