Thursday, April 12, 2012

Youth + Puzzles = Ancestor Interest

Family reunions can be a time of fun and getting to know family members only met at that time.

As children and young adults spend time together they often form bonds that can turn into lasting and vital friendships throughout their time here on the earth.

To add to the opportunity to connect with family members of their own ages, it is a time to learn about the members of their family that preceded them and often have memorable pictures taken to record the monumental event as reunions can happen annually or sporadically depending on the family circumstances. 

But what about those family members who are no longer here? How can those left behind help their own offspring learn of these outstanding individuals who laid the foundation of their very existence?

In our family we made a video of my husband's father after he had passed on and shared it with our children. I have another blog entitled, Who Will Tell Their Stories? where I share stories of ancestors related to my children so that they can learn that they are more than a name on a pedigree chart or a family group sheet. Some families have written wonderful books both online and in a physical book form to share with their families and each one of these are fantastic ways to help our offspring learn about their heritage.

Another way I have found is through puzzles. There is a program from 'Kraisoft" called "Jigsaw Puzzle Lite" which allows one to create a puzzle from ones' own pictures. When you first go to their website there are many interesting games one could choose, but go to "Downloads" at the top which brings you to where the program needed is located in a drop down list. Scroll down till you locate Jigsaw Puzzle Lite, click it to download it and install it to your computer. Now the fun begins!

This is the first screen you will see once it is installed.

Click on 'Download' and let the program load up till you get to this screen:

This is the top of the next screen, click on 'Play Now' which brings you to this:

Click on "Make own Puzzle" and upload an ancestral picture. It will look like this when almost ready:

At this point you can click "Make" on the left hand side of the screen next to the picture looking link this. It will create the puzzle for you and bring up a small box where you can click "Play" and watch the puzzle pieces disperse on the screen ready to be put back together.

Together with younger members of your family you can put the picture back together and talk about the individuals in the picture.

This is a wonderful time to share ones heritage with younger members of their family regardless of age, most youth enjoy doing puzzles. These puzzles can be emailed and shared and done over and over.

Discovering the legacy of those gone on before us can help to bridge any generation gap that may exist and create a bond as well as overcoming identity crisis that seems to resonate among some in younger generations!

Enjoy and please share your stories in the comments!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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  1. I really like this idea! Must try it soon. Thanks for the great idea, Claire.

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.