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Possible Ways to Identify Individuals in a Photo

Do you have photos with no clue as to who is in the picture?

There are many times when, in the process of doing research that one comes across photos that have been saved for the 'next' generation,  unfortunately no one is around who seems to know the names of the individuals in the photos.

There are many ways to try and solve these kind of problems:

  • Circulate the photo among family relatives
  • Post the photo on vaious websites
  • Show photo to an analysit
  • Don't give up 
Circulating photos among family relatives can be done by setting up a 'Flickr' or 'Shutterfly' family account. Scan the photo, upload and send out notices to family members.

Each of the above websites provides both private and public access to photos. Another place one could place the photo is in the new social site called 'Pinterest' and list  it in an "Ancestral Colletion' with a description of 'unknown'. The number of individuals who are combing this site may add to the chance of someone who could assit in identifying the photo.

Another well known place to post photos to help with identification is 'DeadFred.com'. This site has been helping family historians and genealogists since 2001. There are some strick rules before posting and so if the picture is older than 1960 this is the place to go.

Photo analysis can be done by different individuals but one would want to have someone that does this for a living or is familiar with the process of photo analysis. One of my colleagues has been doing this many years, her name is Maureen Taylor and she is considered a 'Photo Detective'. She has various publications as well as attends many conferences and is known as the "Nation's foremost historical photo detective".

Regardless of which method one decides to use to perhaps identify the individuals in a photo, putting them away and not trying will never solve the problem.

If you have additional ways to solve these mystery pictures, please share them through the comments!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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