Friday, April 6, 2012

Indexing Progress Displayed on an Interactive US Map

Everyone likes to see how things are going whenever working on projects and FamilySearch has desinged this interative US map to track the progress of all who are so generously indexing the 1940 US Census which was just released on Monday.

As one looks at the map there are different colors that show the different stages of progress being made, the darker the color the more imaging that is complete. Just hovering over a state will show its status as is shown in the above page clip. Colorado is 75% indexed already! That is truely amazing and to those involved I share my love and respect for your dedication and enthusiam to make this a reality.

The white areas are not being indexed yet along with the fact that those records have not been uploaded. The light tan is in progress, for instance, hovering over Virginia brings up the following image:

When one clicks on the 'Explore Images" one is taken to a very detailed progress break down by "counties", clicking on the county brings in the next level of progress all the way down to townships, etc.

This is a marvelous way to keep up with what is actually going on! This is a very well thought out method of keeping track!

The "Learn More" section takes you to a special page just for Virginia with a percentage indexing bar along with a fantastic list of all who are participating to make this census fully indexed. It is an amazing list that includes:
Participating Societies, Virginia History in the 1940s, Virgina Research Topics, links to Wiki Articles, Research tips and so much more about this one place, it is truely a "snapshop" in time!

At the end of the page there is a whole section on 1940 Census Research Assistance:

Videos and Guides!

Each state is treated with just as much information and resources, all involved are to be commended for creating such a great resource for the world!

As I glance around the map, California is at 3%, Oregon is at 28%, Kansas is at 41% and so it goes as you hoover over the states with some color in them.

Thanks goes out to all involved. If you would like to help just go to and download the indexing software, it doesn't take but a few minutes to join in this major undertaking of indexing the 1940 US Census!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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