Friday, April 13, 2012

Navigating to the 1940 Census on FamilySearch

Individuals who want to view the 1940 Census images on will find the set up just a bit different from the usual way of accessing other images and databases.

Currently most images and databases are accessible by clicking on the correct area under the words "All Records Collections" which in this case is the United States. Once there take a moment to put the records in order by most recent date by double clicking 'last updated' and click on United States Census, 1940 and you are brought to this screen:

Very quickly the colorful map fades into a multi-color map which allows you to hoover over a state and see the indexing progress!

The color code is on the left and slowly but surely the colors are changing thanks to those who are helping with the indexing!

Each state is color coded as shown above. As you hover over a state you get a snapshot of what is happening...

Note on the two images above that Colorado is 98% finished indexing while Rhode Island is just 1% indexed. Each state provides you with a choice of helping, viewing and/or just learning more about that state. No matter what your choice everyone benefits...

1) If you choose to view the images-an ancestor or two is found and shared with other family members
2) If you choose to help, everyone benefits
3) If you choose to learn more you increase your knowledge about that state and learn about lots of   resources which will help your research in that state

When you choose to view the images, you are taken to a breakdown like this if the state isn't indexed completely:

Once the state is completely indexed this is the screen you will come to:

To all who are indexing, Thank you! Indexing will bring the 1940 Census to us for easier searching - collaboration and community in action!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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  1. Thanks for the info about the map - I hadn't seen it for some reason. And yes, we're indexing as fast as our fingers can dance!