Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1940 Census Indexing Updates...Arbitrator Help Needed!

Its hard to believe that the 1940 census is just a few days away from being with us for a month!

Let's all take a look at the hard work of many individuals who are giving of their spare time to help with this great effort in bringing these recors to the world.

These charts show how awesome the community is and what everyone has done in just 22 days!

Looking at the above chart helps to see the near completion of Idaho, Kansas, New Hampshire and Utah with Delaware, Oregon and Colorado already completed, amazing!

Looking at all of the states one can see how close we are to completing Florida, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska and Virginia in the 90% area of completion!

With all this hard work we are in need of individuals who can help with arbitration to help get all this information out there! From a FamilySearch Blog Post yesterday I quote,

"We currently have a backlog of over 3 million images for active projects that need to be arbitrated. That’s 3 million images and their respective indexes that aren’t published on FamilySearch.org because they haven’t made it through arbitration. They could be published in a matter of days if they were all arbitrated today. It’s just a matter of having enough volunteers to do the work."

So a call was put out for arbitrators;

"How do we fix the backlog? Easy—we just need more arbitrators. If you’re an arbitrator, we need you. If you’re a former arbitrator who left to focus on indexing, we need you. If you’re a former arbitrator who stopped volunteering for FamilySearch altogether, we need you. If you’re an experienced indexer who thinks you might be qualified to arbitrate, we need you. If you’re an indexer who is willing to get the proper amount of experience so you can qualify yourself to arbitrate, we need you too."

It's a great blog article with information on how to help with being an arbitrator with the first step for newbies to go to the Indexing Resource Guide.

Whether you are an indexer or an arbitrator a great big THANK YOU is being sent to you from all of us who research ancestors either for ourselves or others!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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