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Caution: Relying On "1" Family Database File

As more and more enthusiasm for Family History/Genealogy develops, more and more individuals are taking advantage of all the wonderful tools, online databases and records to learn about their own family history. This is indeed a great and wonderful thing! Where do you keep your family information?

There are online programs where you can place your family tree as well as various software programs that also provide your family history on your own computer, which is best for you? We discuss just three here. and allow you to create an online family tree and add media. If an individual is not a member they can not see the tree. allows you to also make a tree public or private. FamilyTree allows you to create a tree and add media but because it is a Wiki, others can change what you have entered. You can check a "Watch" box so if someone does change it you would be notified by email, 
but it can still be changed.

All the above and others are accessed through the Internet, if it goes down you have "No Access".  There are other situations that also happen to prevent access to these precious family records if only in one location.

It is recommend that you work with one of the three many software programs to link and sync your original data to so that you always have the correct information for your family on your own computer should there be instances where names, dates and places have been changed. 

While it is quick and easy to enter information into FamilySearch, it is worth it to either enter it there and then download it into a software program or enter it into your software program and upload it to FamilySearch. Either way will make it so that you have your own copy of your family history on your own computer. 

All 3 programs also create the Family Ordinance Request needed for temple work and many other outstanding features. The three software packages that are completely FamilySearch Certified to do this are:

1) Ancestral Quest 2) Legacy FamilyTree 3) Roots Magic

There are many other different programs that have been certified to work with, here is a link to that page:


Seriously consider using a software program for your own use on your own computer and add to the other programs as you wish to share.

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