Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Apps Blossoming Everywhere!

These days, each day seems to bring a new application to help us with our genealogical research, a definite plus to all those who are out there looking for those elusive ancestors!

Beginning with Roots Tech and now just finishing up with FGS, each conference brings news of new apps and features that are amazing to those of us who have been researching for years.

Breaking through some of the research barriers can be a matter of just adding seemingly innocent historical events through timelines to be made aware of a new place to locate records or of a new record set completely. Twile did this in its run as part of the "Innovator Showdown" in February. However, it continues to be a great tool to anyone at any point in their genealogical/family history research. Whether you are starting in the present or working in history, their unique way of adding in the historical is perfect for all generations. Their sample video is amazing!

The FamilySearch Family Tree application comes in 10 different languages! A couple of the features are:
  • View information about the ancestor, including the names and dates of the ancestor’s spouse; children; parents; and brothers and sisters; and important events, such as birth, marriage, and death
  • View the photos and stories that are in Family Tree

If you are concentrating on pictures and stories, the "Memories" application by FamilySearch will keep you connected to FamilySearch Family Tree and allow you to interact and add those favorite stories and photos to share whenever the opportunity is there.

We will continue to bring you more information on these and other great new tools to aid your genealogical/family history research!

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