Thursday, July 31, 2014

Technology Can Help You Record, Store and Organize Research with Research Ties..

One of the quickest things one learns when doing any kind of research is the amount of paper, books, pictures and different types of media that accumulates at a rapid pace. Additionally, keeping them all connected can become a nightmare.

While researchers are diligent at carefully recording and citing sources, being efficient can be overwhelming depending on the particular project.

Starting with the objective of the project/research, a researcher can scan a document if it is not digital, record the location with a proper citation and connect the two together forever while the paper method can easily get lost among the collection of documents as the research project progresses.

Its easy to allow the program to search for previously recorded documents and finds instead of having to manually go through pages and pages of already conducted research. Research Ties greatly helps to prevent duplication of work and effort resulting in increased research time and analysis. 

There is plenty of assistance in getting started and using all the features in the program as is indicated under "Learning Center":

Additional tips can also be found in their blog which always covers various topics with screen shots to help visualize the how to...

One can try out Research Ties for 14 days for free, the annual cost for your logs and 10 GB of space to store the documents that go with the logs is just $30 a year.

To learn more about this fantastic tool, visit Research Ties, and bring your genealogy research into the 21st century!

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