Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Building Bridges with Ancestral Stories...

     In my previous post, Building Bridges to the Younger Generations, I discussed how important it is to share photos of ancestors with our children, grandchildren, cousins, and any relatives that will benefit from our hard work as genealogists and family historians. 

     Remember, age is never a barrier when holding a picture of a family member and sharing how they looked and then taking it to the next step and sharing the stories about that special person. What difference it makes to both the receiver and the giver of the story. 

     Genealogist and family historians have the best of both worlds when doing research, they learn about how individuals overcame trials or illnesses or how an ancestor struggled to put themselves through higher education or even having to quit school to help support their family because they lost one of their parents. 

     Just recently in the news, we learned of World War II veteran, Arch Moor, age 88, received an honorary high school diploma because he received his draft notice in 1943 just as his junior year of school was just finishing. Instead of becoming a senior he joined the military and served faithfully during World War II, his story was written up in The Tennessean. What a great example this is to his descendants, family and friends. His story will be passed down through the generations and its ripple effect of perserverance will definitely make a difference in their lifes. 

     My own father, Omer J. Brisson, Jr. returned to college after he married my mother in 1950 and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting while raising a young family, his story is here in another blog post about him.

     As he did, I, too, was able to return to the acedemic world and complete my Associations, Bachelors and Masters degrees after raising my large family, he definitely inspired me and I would hope that someday I've inspired my descendants with the mottos of "its never too late" and "never give-up".

     Ancestors' journals or passed down stories help all who are able to read or hear them and perhaps can help the reader think better about themselves and realize how wonderful they are as a member of their family. To learn of an ancestor who went through a similar situation can make all the difference in the world to the reader.

     Life stories are an important part of the very fabric of each one's life. This is evidenced by the immense number of stories that have been added to FamilySearch's FamilyTree over the last year.

     It's time to share either through a blog like I have with Who Will Tell Their Stories? or create a physical book or even a digital one so that we can pass on to our descendants all the wonderful stories connected with our family.


Building Bridges for All Generations!

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