Sunday, November 3, 2013

Building Bridges to Younger Generations...

It's safe to say that genealogical research has been around for centuries, however, those who do research are usually not from the younger generation and yet they are the very ones who would benefit the most from learning about their ancestors. Today great strides have been made in reaching out to these younger generations and it definitely is creating a wonderful opportunity to build a shorter bridge between generations than ever before causing a possible positive ripple effect on all generations going forward!

Each and every person is the descendant of those who have done their best to pass onto their posterity all they were able to do regardless of the physical, psychological or emotional circumstances of their lives.

Living conditions, illnesses, poverty, military service, personal demons, various occupational traits, certain familiar traits, hair color, various abilities to cope under difficult circumstances and a large variety of other traits are buried in each one's DNA waiting for just the right moment to appear in any of one's descendants. New studies have shed great light and hope on just how much DNA is passed on and it effects on those individuals. A recent article entitled Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes is really worth the read for all the hope is provides the whole human race.

Photos can help one add another connection to a everyone's ancestral past.

Collecting, organizing and sharing these photos with each of ones descendants can help them recognize just where they fit in their family. Did they inherit that red hair from their father's side of the family? Those blue eyes and freckles from the mother and so on. Sharing these precious moments in time is just one of the many wonderful things we can do as genealogists and family historians. Don't wait till it's too late and those ancestral pictures are all part of a collection that will fall to someone who has no clue who the people are once you are no longer here to tell them...share them digitally, in a scrapbook or an photo ancestral chart and help to build shorter bridges between generations!


Building Bridges for All Generations!
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