Monday, November 11, 2013

Building Bridges: Are You The One?

As a past Family History Director for 17 years it always amazed me how there seemed to be "someone" in each family who would take an interest in discovering the roots of that particular family.

Often that person would come in totally lost and even wondering why they were there except they felt an urging to put together a history for an aging family member or they were curious themselves.

So are you that person who will help their family take the leap and learn all there is about their ancestors? Do not let age be a barrier to enriching your life with a sense of who you are!

Once you've made the decision, it is hard to decide where to begin. I teach a class for beginners and one of the most important things to remember is to just start with yourself and work your way backwards. You can begin online or on paper or with a software program, there are many places to get tips, advice and even hand holding help, however, the main thing is to begin with the thought that "I can do this" and let the fun begin.

One of the first places to begin is with your own family, if you've had an opportunity to watch any of the "Who Do You Think You Are" series, the individual always visits with their family members to begin. If you have a baby book or a scrapbook or even a family book you are ahead of it all and can begin to assemble a family chart.

As I look around at all the available resources, I must say that has put together a great set of beginning short videos that would be worth while checking out, they are located here:

Of course there are other places that provide assistance with getting started and perhaps just placing the statement in a Google search engine of "getting started with genealogy" will provide you with the results you are looking for.

Regardless of how or where you begin, just do it. It will end up being one of the most rewarding journeys you take in this life.

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Building Bridges for All Generations!

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