Friday, February 28, 2014

Building Bridges: Just How Do You Learn?

Understanding how one learns is very helpful no matter what career one decides to pursue, but when introducing younger individuals into the world of genealogy and family history research it becomes an advantage that will inspire and guide the individual teacher to match tasks and abilities successfully.

Most people realize that each one learns differently, according to, "Everyone has a mix of learning styles...there is no right mix nor are styes fixed. One can develop abilities in less dominant styles as well as improving styles already used".

There are 3 different learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic and Tactile. Each way of learning allows an individual to develop the best they can in a perspective field. (1)

From the above chart, it is easy to find genealogical and family history tasks to match the learning style of your family members so they have a successful and interesting experience learning about their ancestors.

Here are some genealogical and family history activities according to learning styles that may lead to greater success in ancestral research for younger generations.

Visual: Fan Charts, Online Presence, Hunting in Cemeteries, Collecting photographs
Auditory: Remembers names, dates & places, data entry, family website, organizing family artifacts
Kinesthetic & Tactile: Historical Research, Historical re-enactments, learning about historical events in different time periods, adding the details


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