Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Content Mashups = Access to Helpful Information

Just the word Mashups itself can be a bit confusing for some individuals who may not be familiar with the various changes in technology over the last couple of years as they mashup together to create something new and better for the users.

There is evidence of these types of applications right in the palm of one's hand as it holds a smart phone and one glances at the large range of applications so easily accessible at the touch of a finger on a screen.

The same can be said for applications on the internet for many of the genealogists and family historians today. When FindAGrave began in December, 1998, it had no GPS coordinates or special memorial pages and yet today this site has many benefial tools for ancestral seekers everywhere.

Mashups are great as they take two or more great tools and combine to form another new and just as helpful resource. One I thought worth mentioning in my blog is Slideshare.

Slideshare was introduced on the web in October, 2006 as a way for users to upload PowerPoint or Open Office presentationi files and share them online through a You Tube-like interface.  Files can be tagged, and comments left by viewers. Each slide has its own permanent URL for reference. SlideShare is clean, fast and functional and supports various copyright claims, including creative commons. Since its inception, it has become the best way to share presentations, documents and professional videos.

Because the Internet allows individuals the opportunity to learn about anything on a specific topic, it is sometimes difficult to create new content that is fresh and yet conveys a specific message. Slideshare can provide access to new ideas created by others which can enhance one's own learnings and/or improve a current presentation.  

A search for "Family History" returns over 100,000 results and while not each one will be exactly what one wants or is searching for, there will be something there to help with whatever your project may be at the time. With the recent indexing project going on to get the 1940 US Census up and available for free, for this blog we searched this site for 'census records' and found the following:

To find specific topics you may have to vary the terms, however, the search should prove to be helpful and provide additional information that can help to improve any project one may be working on. Once you have located a presentation, click on it and it brings up all others on that particular subject as follows:

This author has always found additional materials from other's perspectives as a way to enhance and improve one's own knowledge on a specific subject.

They now offer a 'Professional Plan' to help market yourself, your business and your expertise, of course they still have a basic plan for free. Take some time to check out this site and perhaps gain some new knowledge on a specific topic or share your own knowledge with others.

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