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Research Communities ~ An Extension of Genealogical Kindness...

Earlier this year the opportunity to assist in indexing the 1940 US Census became evident. This resulted in the biggest recruitment effort ever taken to involve the community with this massive task. Over 132 million people were living in just the 48 Continental states in 1940 and more than 3.8 million pages. Additionally, a number of major companies partnered with this great endeavor, Archives, FindMyPast, ProQuest  and the National Archives and an overwhelming number of Societies and individuals are currently working hard to complete this fantastic resource in record time. To all who doing just that we in the research community say a big Thank You as we have now passed the half way point!

A new community effort is slowly being launched to provide research services to those who need it through Facebook Genealogical Research Communities. At this time, there are more than 100 genealogy research communities established on Facebook answering every kind of genealogical question imaginable. Some are purely directional as to what to do next or where to go next and others are a little more involved. The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a great resource to many of these individuals. Others who research in those area are also providing answers and it is another valuable show of support from the awesome genealogical community.

Pages exists for each of the US states along with several countries and ethnic groups. Each page is managed by a research team of FamilySearch volunteers from around the world and is designed to answer research questions and point individuals in the right direction to continue on with their own research. The world areas covered are:
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Ethnic Research Communities
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Oceania
One can post a question or answer a question, either way, a community in action is what will be seen by all who participate in these community efforts! It is truely another amazing opportunity where the community shines again and pays it forward to all.

Today on Facebook, one of my colleagues, Sheri Bush sent out a request to encourage her genealogical friends to consider adoping a county website referring to these 'Genealogical Research Communities' so that more aid can be provided throughout the world. The early beta testing has shown that these communities do provide a great resource to many who may not be able to find help at a Family History Center or are just beginning to do research.

For those who may be interested in helping out, there is a lot of information on the FamilySearch Research Wiki's Adminstrators page. There is also a Facebook Admins page, both provide great assistance to all. One should check it out and take it into consideration as another opportunity to be part of a constantly growing genealogical community!

Thanks to all who are already Administrators!

Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed!

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