Thursday, January 26, 2012

Google Web Search

Google has become a household word as most know today. Its' search capabilities are well know throughout the world. To increase their ability to provide the best search results possible they have also customized searches for a number of countres and regions across the world.

If you want your results to be centralized in England, one simply uses, for France it is They have the full list with matching flags at the bottom of their page under "Language Tools" which really could be a great single page to promote their versatility throughout the world.

It is nice to see each flag with the matching URL and is a great learning tool when working with children and also for those who have ancestors from other countries. Their language translation ability is also a great asset for translating not only words but web pages and sites, too.

Google itself is a great asset to genealogists and family historians as shown in Dan Lynch's book entitled, "Google Your Family Tree". The book illustrates many search tips and how to use filtering and other command techniques to locate new or additional information on an ancestor.

His blog provides additional online tips. It is never too late to learn new and improved ways to research one's ancestors!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. It is helpful for family history plus all kinds of other searches.